Best Distribution Network

Direct and Indirect Channel

As a bulk producer with the affordable pricing in the market, allocating the proper channel to the customer is our prime concern.

Our performance-based highly equipped distribution team delivers directly to the end-user and also use a popular distribution network to help you reach more potential customers. This way we cover most of the customers very conveniently.

Fastest Distribution Team

TRUCARE GROUP has one of the fastest distribution networks around the world. Our diverse and agile squad has mastered the dealing of the trading network in the market and reaching zenith with daily new goals to achieve.

With the daily changing and challenging global trade market, it is necessary to act accordingly. With the dedicated sourcing team at our headquarters, we are giving a new definition of the network to the globe along with control temperature transport system with GPS controlled.


TRUCARE GROUP Company is formed to streamline operations across countries and synergise efficiencies in Marketing, Sales & Supply Chain activities.

Group has a strong presence in the markets viz; Angola, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, DR Congo, and Guinea and has a vision for strong presence across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia in the near future.

Supply chain is end to end. From procurement of the raw material to the dispatch of goods to the customers, digitization helps company to build a strong integrated supply chain network and will help to manage efficiencies, the cost of the supply chain, services to customers and investments in inventories and infrastructure.